Romeo of the Philippine Revolution

By: Andrea Rodriguez and Ashley Ramos

“Ano ba ang halaga ng isang bayani? Ano ba ang nasa likod ngkadakilaan? Bakit pirmi tayong nakatingala? Sumasamba nangwalang pagdududa? Bakit lagi tayong bulag na umaasa sa mgatagapagligtas?” Ano ba ang halaga ng isang bayani? Ano ba angnasa likod ng kadakilaan? Bakit pirmi tayong nakatingala?Sumasamba nang walang pagdududa? Bakit lagi tayong bulagna umaasa sa mga tagapagligtas?”

  A recent historical film,”Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral” , was loved by many Filipinos because of good cinematography and well-portrayed characters. The movie was also loved by people because of how the actor, Paulo Avelino, portrays Gregorio “Goyo” Del Pilar as a ‘charmer’. Every time that he leaves a town, he also leaves a woman or ‘women’, at times, heartbrokenthat’s why historians often call him “Romeo with a Juliet in every town.”

   Here some of Goyo’s considered Juliets: 

Neneng Rodrigo – was the daughter of  Bulacan’s  first Filipino civil governor and she was also his first love.

Felicidad Aguinaldo -the sister of our first president Emilio Aguinaldo and as seen in the movie, Felicidad really loves Goyo and based on a article entitled “Things You Never Knew About Del Pilar”, Felicidad was reportedly knelt, prayed and wept at the exact spot where the young general died.

Poleng – was still a mystery to Philippine historians for they only found few information about her. Poleng was kind of intriguing for our historian because of numerous drafts of love letters addressed to her but their love affair was cut short his mother was against it.

Remedios Noble Jose- she was known as Goyo’s great last love.  Remedios was only 17 when she caught the eyes of 24-year old general. She described him as a “very romantic young man” on an interview. She also stated that she almost tied the knot with him but she backed out because of his “playboy” reputation.

    Filipinos find romance really interesting that’s why there’s no doubt that this film caught alot of Filipino’s attention and watched this film. But historically speaking, the story of Goyo shows how destructed the Filipinos were during that time.“Gusto ko lang maalala uli na may pinaglalaban tayo. Ito na lang ba lagi ang gagawinnatin? Panay sayawan at pista? Puro romansa’t panunuyo? Totoong tahimik ang mga nakaraang buwan… pero ayokong makalimot. Ayokong mag bulag-bulagan.” Joven wants to remind the soldiers of their real situation that time and they have to wake up and start moving.

 Aside from the romantic scenes, this movie shows how Filipinos fought for our country. This movie introduce the patriotism and bravery of Filipinos to the viewers. It reminded us of our history and made us look back to one of our heroes in history, Gregorio Del Pilar. He was a young general but it does not hinder him from his heroic act for his fellow countrymen. He proved that heroism knows no age, for he is determined and true to his responsibilities as our general.



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